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January Meeting - DNA: Content Curator for Personal Care

  • The Water's Edge at Giovanni's 2748 Boston Poast Road, Darien, CT (map)

Please join us on Tuesday, January 16th, for a talk by Jim Hayward from DNA Sciences.

The Water's Edge at Giovanni's
2748 Boston Post Road
Darien, CT 06820

Registration 5:30 - 6:00pm
Dinner: 6:30pm
Speaker: 7:00pm

We have known that DNA is the curator of our biology since the 1940’s, long before Watson and Crick proved the structure accommodated codons and self-replication.  Synthetic biology, moving so quickly that even the field’s oxymoronic name lacks clear definition, now permits the reading and writing of DNA sequences so quickly that FDA has approved the personalized creation of immunotherapies to fight cancers with tumor content recombined in humoral cells enabling natural killer cells to attack the tumor so aggressively that is sometime eradicated in hours.

That same approach can be used to generate short DNA sequences (less than 200 base pairs), that are non-functional-by-design, but that contain content indicating an ingredient has been organically farmed, or sustainably produced, or manufactured ethically, while identifying their point of origin, without the benefit of forced human labor. These tags are being used as GRAS indicators of authenticity in pharmaceutics, and can be identified at every node in the supply chain from API (Active Pharmaceutic Ingredient) to the finished drug passed to the consumer. Uncanny sensitivity to detection allows the use of DNA tags at concentrations often approaching 1 part per trillion (PPT), meaning that costs, impact of form or function and on manufacturing processes are minimal. The technology has been commercially scaled to millions of pounds per year, in the complex ecosystems of textile and fertilizer manufacture. On-site rapid testing methods, framed within a blockchain-ready cloud based IT framework, trace and track the product from raw material to consumer goods with data available go everyone in the supply chain.

These short fragments contain encrypted content that serves as forensic proof of authenticity that has been recognized by courts in over 115 trials of the provenance of cash stolen from ATM machines. The Department of Defense orchestrated a “Red Team Challenge” and proved that SigNature Molecular Tags can not be copied, securing supply chains from counterfeiters. In personal care, DNA tags can be used to verify the provenance of raw ingredients, ensure the authenticity of ingredients and finished goods, ensure certain ingredients are organically or sustainably sourced, prove site of manufacture, ensure the use of genuine packaging components, and to prevent the copying of serialized codes. It is possible to analyze a “Product Genome” in a single test that would validate the all the ingredient content of Personal Care finished goods.

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Dr. Jim Hayward is Chairman, President and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences, a public biotechnology that uses DNA tags to protect consumers, clients and governments against crime. With over 25 years of experience in the biotechnology and life sciences industries, Dr. Hayward is leading the charge using DNA to ensure the authenticity of products and the protection of global supply chains from counterfeiting and diversion. Patented and applied in over a billion products throughout the world, the Company’s SigNature® DNA markers are unique, botanical, “green” DNA sequences that can help preserve the quality and integrity of industries from pharmaceutics to the military.  The company was awarded “Innovation of the Year” by Popular Science Magazine in 2014.

Dr. Hayward received his bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from the State University of New York at Oneonta 1976, his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1983, and an honorary Doctor of Science from that same institution in 2000. 

Jim was one of the founding principals and research director of Europe's first liposome company, Biocompatibles Ltd. From 1984 to 1989, he was responsible for product development at Esteé Lauder Companies.

Between 1990 and July 2004, Dr. Hayward was the Chairman, President and CEO of The Collaborative Group, Ltd., a provider of products and services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and consumer-product industries based in Stony Brook, New York.

He also served or served on the Boards of the Stony Brook Foundation, the Research Foundation of the State of New York, Long Island Life Sciences Initiative, and the Ward Melville Heritage Foundation, the LIA, the Regents Advisory Council and several corporate boards.

Among his honors, Dr. Hayward has been twice named “Entrepreneur of the Year;” in 2002 by Inc. Magazine and in 2009 by the Long Island Technology Hall of Fame and he received the David Award by Networking Magazine in 2014.  He is the recipient of the first “Helix Award” from the International Biotechnology Organization.