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March Meeting - Silicones

  • Norwalk Inn & Conference Center 99 East Ave Norwalk, CT 06851 (map)

Please join us on Tuesday, March 19th, for a talk on silicones by Dave Clay from Momentive

Norwalk Inn & Conference Center
99 East Ave
Norwalk, CT 06851

Registration 5:30 - 6:00pm
Dinner: 6:30pm
Speaker: 7:00pm

Abstract- Today, more than ever, consumers have a growing awareness of the aggressive, environmental factors that can damage hair and negatively affect the hair’s appearance and feel. Repeated exposure to pollution and UV radiation, harsh coloring and shaping treatments, daily wear-and-tear, and aging can all leave the hair looking frayed and dull and feeling rough and brittle. Consumers want to protect and repair their hair to keep it looking and feeling sleek, strong, soft, and healthy. The market is thirsty for hair products that provide superior protection, correct damage from harsh treatments, prevent or reverse the signs of hair aging, and restore the hair to a healthy and youthful state.

Silicones are an incredibly diverse group of molecules with uses that improve almost every facet of daily life. Among some of silicones’ most exciting qualities are the unique and various ways that it can benefit hair. Today’s newest generation of silicones for Hair Care are truly smart materials that interact with the hair’s surface to achieve remarkable performance even at low use levels. This talk will focus on novel silicones that are precisely functionalized to meet the hair-care needs of the modern consumer. Advanced silicones improve the hair by providing film-forming properties that protect the cuticle, conditioners that specifically target damaged hair, and even reactive materials that can crosslink in-situ to provide durable hydrophobicity.

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Bio- Dave Clay is an Application Development Scientist - Marketing for Momentive’s North American Personal Care Division. Dave’s primary focus is to build and strengthen Momentive’s relationships with our Cosmetic, Personal Care, and Home Care customers. His main duties are developing new and exciting formulations to inspire formulation chemists, troubleshooting technical challenges that clients might face, supporting R&D in the development and promotion of new products, and serving as a technical liaison to current and future customers across North America. Dave joined Momentive in 2014 in the R&D department as a Product Development Chemist for Personal Care specializing in the synthesis and application of novel materials. Dave has been in his current role since 2017 and has worked on a broad range of projects covering ABA/ABn­ copolymers, gels, functional fluids, resins, and particles. His current accounts are located primarily along the East Coast and throughout California and the Mountain West.

Prior to Momentive, Dave was a research scientist in the medical device industry. Dave hails from Arkansas where he earned a BA in Biology from Hendrix College and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Arkansas. Dave’s graduate work was in Organic Chemistry under the direction of Professor Matt McIntosh, where he focused on the total synthesis of natural molecules with a special interest in the development and application of novel, asymmetric, organic transformations. Dave enjoys cooking, gardening, traveling, reading, yelling at people who blow through the stop sign in front of his house, and spending time with his family.